The Role of the TORC1 Complex in Aging

Project Summary

The Target of Rapamycin Complex I has been implicated in the regulation of aging and lifespan in many eukaryotic organisms ranging from yeast to humans. We are interested in how aberrant nutrient sensing, and TORC1 in specific, causes delayed or accelerated aging in model organisms.

To test this we are using mice, flies and yeast, we are studying how this complex is regulated during aging, and how manipulation of this complex alters lifespan and aging related phenotypes. We generate genetically modified or pharmacological approaches using these animals where these pathways are activated or repressed. We then test for changes in lifespan and normal function in these organisms. We are particularly interested in determining the molecular mechanisms and potential reversibility of these changes associated with aging.

Who is Working on This?

Dave Bridges
Assistant Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Michigan since 2016-06-01
JeAnna Redd
Senior Research Assistant, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Michigan since 2016-08-01


What have we published on this topic?

Suriyan Ponnusamy, Ryan Sullivan, Dahui You, Nadeem Zafar, Chuan He Yang, Thirumagal Thiyagarajan, Daniel Johnson, Maron Barrett, Nikki Koehler, Mayra Star, Erin Stephenson, Dave Bridges, Stephania Cormier, Lawrence Pfeffer and Ramesh Narayanan. Androgen Receptor Agonists Increase Lean Mass, Improve Cardiopulmonary Functions, and Extend Survival in Preclinical Models of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 2017. Human Molecular Genetics Full Text Details.

What are some key papers on this topic?

Subhash Katewa, Fabio Demontis, Marysia Kolipinski, Alan Hubbard, Matthew Gill, Norbert Perrimon, Simon Melov and Pankaj Kapahi. Intramyocellular fatty-acid metabolism plays a critical role in mediating responses to dietary restriction in Drosophila melanogaster. 2012. Cell metabolism 16(1):97-103 Full Text Our Thoughts Details.
Pankaj Kapahi, Brian Zid, Tony Harper, Daniel Koslover, Viveca Sapin and Seymour Benzer. Regulation of lifespan in Drosophila by modulation of genes in the TOR signaling pathway. 2004. Current Biology 14(10):885-90 Full Text Details.


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